our journey

PressPlay Films SA was launched in 2009 by dynamic Powerhouse Tina and Nick Dearlove
- knows as Team Tick.


As our producer, Tina’s enthusiastic attitude and organisational skills ensure that every client realizes their vision and every project achieves its goals... and more.  

Tina’s not afraid of hard work and her relentless pursuit of perfection and quality output ensures she sees many a sleepless night. Her qualifications and years in the industry along with an insatiable thirst for what’ new and trending, drives exciting and innovative ideas to every project. Tina is also PressPlay’s Senior editor, specialising in on site pressure edits.


Nicks unending creative thinking and ideas extend across every channel, and this is why he is our Creative Director. He develops and creates all our content and is a motion graphic specialist.

Nick’s ability to visualise and translate a business concept into a visual platform that engages and drives an emotional response is what makes an informative or educational piece a moving one. When not at the office he can be seen jumping out of planes, trains, boats and buildings with his GoPro strapped to his head to ensure he always gets the shot.

who we have worked with

It may seem odd that we have our clients in our ”about us” section. The reason we have done this is we know that our clients are at the heart of our business, they are what makes us get up in the morning and keep us up late at night, they are what fuels our passion and our organisation. Our relationships with our clients are our first priority and these partnerships are what PressPlay has been built on.